Lukas Baur, Vice President Internet of Things, TeamViewer

Next-Level Shopfloor Digitalization:Realizing End-to-End Shopfloor Digitalization for a Truly Connected Industry

Among other use cases, Industry 4.0 or Industrial IoT accommodates a holistic approach to manufacturing — for instance through predictive maintenance. However, even though this brings significant benefits for machine uptime, common workflows executed by frontline workforces and remote technicians are generally still done manually and need optimization.

Human-operator-dependent maintenance can be challenging in times when companies are looking into optimizing processes and reducing unplanned down-time in order to minimize on-site maintenance costs. Nevertheless, maintenance effectiveness is dependent on the quality of skill, which in turn is essential in human-machine cooperation.

We will demonstrate how remote IoT access, predictive maintenance, and AR can be combined to identify and solve software and hardware issues remotely, by showcasing the use of smart glasses to visualize concrete instructions and information. Additionally, we will show you how a large international company accomplished both 25% process speed improvement and a zero-failure rate.