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Confidential meetings, where representatives of user, public administration and research companies meet in thematic working tables with technology providers. The format promotes the exchange of comments and questions with the support of experts and the coordination of a moderator, in the absence of audience.

Each meeting is limited to a dozen participants to enable effective interaction for all.

Technical workshops and laboratories to explain hw & sw platforms and products to the IoT developers ecosystem

Milano & On-line | March 18-19, 2021

IOTHINGS ZONE is the first “hybrid” initiative for companies that want to present – through technical workshops and laboratories – hw & sw platforms and products to the ecosystem of IoT developers from user companies, system integrators, startups and also to freelancers and makers. It is also the ideal place to find talent on emerging digital technologies and reduce the skill shortage.

IOTHINGS ZONE 2021 will have an annual program of online and hybrid meetings that will take place, starting in March. Some meetings will be in presence such as, for example, those organized during IOTHINGS Spring and Fall.

In 2019 we experimented this format with the name Maker 4.0 which saw the participation of different realities with workshops, seminars and meetings that took place during IOTHINGS 2019.


In 2021 the first IOTHINGS AWARDS will be launched to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the IoT and 5G ecosystem in Italy, creating a virtuous process of sharing the best experiences between companies, suppliers, startups, research centers and institutions that are able to add value to user companies, create new products and services for customers and improve the quality of existing ones.

The IoTHINGS AWARDS want to highlight the true digital transformation, with the aim of identifying, selecting, bringing out and rewarding the best innovation projects, products and services on the market today, able to stand out for the uniqueness and creativity of ideas, benefits concrete, level of usability and CX and replicability of the business model.

The Awards are a unique branding and networking opportunity in a context that involves the main IoT End-User Companies present as jurors and candidates. There are four exclusive moments of meeting: the preliminary meeting, the kick-off in June, the Pitch or the presentation of the selected projects and finally the Award Ceremony.All these moments are followed by a reserved Networking Cocktail and represent an exclusive opportunity for contact. direct with important End-User Companies.

The launch will take place during IOTHINGS Spring and the awards ceremony during IOTHINGS Fall and the 2021 edition will strongly enhance and reward the solutions and services that can help a world still conditioned by social, health and economic distancing constraints and that can fall within the lines of action envisaged. from Next Generation Europe.

IoTHINGS AWARDS arise from our successful experience in creating the first IoMOBILITY AWARDS of which they will completely resume the format and phases.

Since 2013 we have been organizing, alongside our domestic events, international conferences where the presence of important foreign speakers is expected to present scenarios, discuss technological evolutions, business models and investment opportunities.

Among the events organized we can mention M2M + Symposium, IoT Now,  Connected Automobiles and the current AUTOTEQ 5G.

We also organized on-line during IOTHINGS 2020 the Talk “Next Generation Europe: the first accelerator towards Society 5.0?” which anticipated part of the 2021 topics. To consult the agenda clickhere.

In co-location with IOTHINGS 2021, the first edition of IOTHINGS NEXTGEN will be launched, an international event completely dedicated to the arrival of the Next Generation Europe program, related recovery funds and potential effects as an accelerator for the IoT and 5G world.

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