September 28  @ 9:30

Physical and virtual world together for the new manufacturing

At the base of the new industrial development, IoT applications for the Smart Factory realize a new approach to production and enable high degree of product customization based on customer needs, traceability  from raw material to delivery, greater energy efficiency, acceleration of decision-making times thanks to the availability of real-time information.


Chairperson: Irene Sardellitti, Head of Innovation Services, Kilometro Rosso

? 9:30 am Introductory speech
Irene Sardellitti
, Head of Innovation Services, Kilometro Rosso

? 9:50 am Succesfully Smart Factories thanks to IoT advantages
Dario Esposito La Rossa, IoT Pre-Sales Consultant, Comarch Italia

The strong innovation driven by new technologies such as IIoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data and latest generation sensors, has allowed companies to equip themselves with highly technological systems capable of completely overturning the traditional concept of manufacturing industry.

However, it is not always clear what is really hidden behind a digital transformation process, what are the steps to follow and what benefits can be obtained thanks to Industry 4.0.

? 10:10 Safety and data, not all risks are the same
Giovanni Lucido
, Managing Director, Schmersal Italia & Switzerland

? 10:30 The myth of the Smart Factory: how to make it a reality with the IoT without buying new machinery
Gabriele Montelisciani
, CEO, Zerynth

Today digital transformation is the goal of most companies, many are still struggling for successful adoption and, in fact, the Industry 4.0 revolution has not yet happened: industrial machinery is on average 20 years old. of life, 27% of companies have failed the introduction of IoT technologies and there are on average € 500,000 in annual losses per company due to the lack of integration between systems.

The Zerynth IoT platform allows you to digitize industrial processes through the acquisition of data from both modern and old generation machinery, enabling interconnection and integration with company information and logistics systems in an Industry 4.0 perspective.

During this session, some successful cases will be presented in which the implementation of Zerynth technologies have allowed manufacturing companies to optimize production, reduce plant maintenance costs and access the Transition 4.0 plan.



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Sep 28 2021


9:30 am - 11:00 am




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