Fabrizio Leoni, Head of Product Innovation, InfoCert – Tinexta Group

Trusted Identity of devices for Critical Infrastructures

IoT is booming. There will be tens of billion devices connected to the internet by 2020 while several trillion of dollars will be spent on IoT solutions, ranging from smart metering, smart home platforms, vehicle-to-grid hubs, power plant automation, demand-response schemas. Trust in IoT is much more critical than in traditional digital transactions. Trust between objects is fundamental to ensure Identity Proof, Privacy and a clear Liability Framework.
PKI Infrastructures are an established and reliable model to state person and server Identity, and recently became part of the standard in an important area, such as IOT in power production plants.
Can this model be extended in a world with a different cardinality of objects? Do we need to rethink centralized and hierarchical model? Can PKI live together with distributed ledger and different encryption types in a quickly evolving and mostly deregulated scenario? We are working to depict the upcoming IoT trust models, and we think that raising questions to scientific community is a good way to start.