Walter Vendraminetto, Account Manager, EDALAB

Multi-protocol and interoperable services and solutions for digital transformation: from data acquisition to the analysis in the Cloud environment.

The ability to create value from a digital transformation project requires the integration of heterogeneous skills for sensors, for the development of firmware, software up to the cloud server architecture.

EDALAB responds to these needs with a technological platform capable of accompanying companies throughout the entire development process of a digital project, from data acquisition in the field to the implementation of forecasting models for artificial intelligence.

In fact, the ability to create synergies between the different software and hardware components is the key to achieving the success of a technological innovation project. In addition to the skills to adapt to the individual need of the project, multi-protocol and interoperable solutions are needed that can instantly digitize traditional assets. The criticality of this operation lies in the high level of defragmentation of the protocols communication that detect data in the field.

A common mistake is to apply the same technology in different operational contexts forgetting that each of them has unique characteristics, advantages and criticalities that make it successful to the extent that they are used in their ideal context of use.